Anne-Kathrin Klatt (D)

“Confetti Man”
das Leben ein Fest

Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 9.00 p.m.
Ages 12+
Duration: 25 minutes


„Is the moon in the sky when nobody is looking?
Does the rabbit know that he lives in the universe?
Is the chair just thought? What is reality?“

A person lives his life in a safe way. He thinks. But how does he react when something suddenly happens that shakes this worldview of supposed control?

The "Confetti Man" is a crazy, weird thought experiment between pseudoscience and trash. An evening full of winks about human hubris. Life - a celebration of colorful chaos. Because nothing is as we think we know.

Actress: Anne-Kathrin Klatt
Director: Michael Miensopust

Über die Gruppe:

Anne-Kathrin Klatt is out and about in children's and adult theater, solo or in different formations. For the last few years she has been working mainly abroad (primarily in Islamic countries and Asia), developing staging projects there, giving seminars and presentations. She combines figure, material, dance and music to create ever new ideas for staging.
Joachim Fleischer works as a freelance artist in the field of light, light installations, art in construction and robotics. Both teach at the HS Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart in the department of puppet theater.
This is their first joint work, which is the result of their shared enthusiasm for things that are constantly changing..