theater mOment (A)

Two for me, one for you

Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 10:00 a.m.
Ages 5+
Duration: 35 minutes


Two for me, one for you. That’s not fair!
Yield? Or rather take what you can get because, as we know, ‘more is more’? On the one hand, that will result in a bad mood and a tense atmosphere. But Friendship stops when it comes to sharing! Or is sharing really caring?
Bear and Weasel come to blows.
Because sharing is really hard.

Actors: Ruth und Klaus Humer
Director: Annika Pilstl
Puppet and scenery design: Gerti Tröbinger
Music: Klaus Trabitsch
Copyright Photos: Reinhard Winkler

About the group:

In 2004, theater mOment was founded by Ruth Humer in Grieskirchen. In their plays, theater mOment combine various forms of puppetry, clownery and the art of mime.