Puppentheater Gugelhupf (D)


Tuesday, November 9, 2021, 7.30 p.m.

Ages 14+
Duration: 65 minutes


200 years of Kasperl Theatre have left its mark on Death, Devil, Constable, Crocodile and the Hussar. Their roughly carved faces have gone all pale … not to mention the psychological wounds. But enough’s enough – it’s getting dark, a choir is chanting ‘Kasperl has to go’ in the booth and the Devil has a plan … a Happy End is unlikely. And Death is really happy.

Kasperl is for puppet theatre what blues is for pop music – one of the most important roots. So if Kasperl has the blues, two primal forces are at work, making the uncouth quiver.

Actor, director: Frieder Kräuter
Author: Florian Kräuter, Frieder Kräuter
Puppet and scenery design: Annette Kräuter, Frieder Kräuter
Livemusic: Frieder Kräuter
Composition: „Moltowitz Song“, Richard Barborka
Copyright photos: Florian Kräuter

About the group:

Frieder Kräuter's puppet theatre work is characterized by his examination of archaic theatre forms and the anarchic Kasperl (e.g. Punch) figure. The same goes for the quirks of the human being and the emotional entanglements of his character protagonists, whose expressiveness is underscored by gnarled character heads made of lime wood. The result is a spectacle of edgy entertainment and pithy humour – hearty, ironic, striking.