Kristine Stahl (D)

Kasper Builds a House

Monday, November 8, 2021, 3.30 p.m.
Ages 5+
Duration: 55 minutes


“It’s nice here, I will build my house right here. For grandmother, for Gretel, for our nineteen children (the twentieth is on its way!) and for myself, Kasper.”

Of course, as in real life, building a house is an endeavor full of catastrophies: The Witch from city hall asks for permits and taxes (even a fart tax for the nineteen children), the evil neighbour hold his grudges and steals planks, and even grandmother is not what she used to be: Instead of looking after the children and making pancakes, she wants to go jogging.

But in the end, as well as in real life, everything falls into place.

Actress: Kristine Stahl
Director: Anna Fülle
Author: Hartmut Lorenz
Puppet and scenery design: Roswitha & Kristine Stahl
Copyright Photos: Thorsten Biehl

About the group:

Kristine Stahl studied puppetry at the HfS Ernst Busch in Berlin. After her graduation she worked as a puppeteer for several theatres, including the Waidspeicher Erfurt, the puppet theatre in Halle and the theatre in Naumburg. Since 2017 she is a freelance theatre director, and has directed plays for the National Theatre Wiesbaden, the Waidspeicher Erfurt, as well as theatres in Naumburg, Meiningen, and Rudolstadt. She also designs puppets and set designs for her productions and tours the country with her solo plays. In 2019, she founded the theatre group ‘Jenapuppets’ with two fellow puppeteers. Kristine Stahl has directed Annika Pilstl’s prize-winning play “Das Lied der Grille”. Other productions with Annika Pilstl include „Ein Sommernachtstraum oder wer ist hier der Esel“, „Ein Stück Wiese“ and „Der Fischer und seine Frau“. Together with her family she lives in Naumburg/Saale.