babelart THEATER (I-EST-A)

Second Hand Show

Monday, November 8, 2021, 2:30 p.m.

Agers 4+
Duration: 45 minutes


Closing time at the flea market! But at one market stall, two vendors wink at each other. Showtime!The objects in their hands awake and play for their lives – before they are packed away. Just like humans, they show their edges, corners, dents, scratches, and quirks. And they have a lot to tell – short, crazy, and yet everyday stories about community, trust and new beginnings.

All of this with neither language nor words. A funny, rhythmic and musical object theatre play to conquer the limits of the mind.

Actors: Andra Taglinger, Manfredi Siragusa
Director, Author, Puppet and scenery design: babelart THEATER

About the group:

Andra Taglinger was born in Estland. She is a puppeteer and puppet builder. Andra studied educational science and German philology in Salzburg. Since 1999 she works as a social worker with families and children. From 2007-2010 she completed the puppet theater training in Wels and is performing at numerous international festivals.

Manfredi Siragusa was born in Italy. He works as an actor, puppeteer and theatre director. Manfredi studied acting at the Teatro Biondo Stabile in Palermo and has made numerous appearances in various theatre productions and at international festivals. In addition to acting and directing he regularly conducts theatre workshops. Together they founded the babelart THEATER in Upper Austria.