Cie. Freaks und Fremde (D)

The Best In Town

Monday, November 8, 2021, 7.30 p.m.
Ages 16+
Duration: 70 minutes


„Freakshow - The Best In Town“ is a tribute to the Strange, the Weird, the Different. A show of fantastic oddities, experimenting with various forms of object, puppet and physical theatre, vociferously shaking the scaffold of normality.

Welcome to the world of the grotesque!

Here you are welcome to indulge in your secret disgust and to feel a thrilling shiver as goosebumps creep up your skin, just like in the old days when funfairs, side shows and cabinets of curiosities would present you with the odd and bizarre: “Visit the zoo of people! See the Fishwoman and Flying Virgin with your own eyes! Listen to world literature’s longest invective! Watch the birth of a bastard!”

Actors and directors: Sabine Köhler, Heiki Ikkola
Puppet and scenery design: Sabine Köhler, Heiki Ikkola
Music: Daniel Williams
Lighting design: Josia Werth

About the group:

Sabine Köhler and Heiki Ikkola work together since 2006. Both studied puppetry at the HfS Ernst Busch in Berlin. For their projects, they build teams of different theatre makers, visual artists, and musicians, developing and testing various work and life strategies over a longer period of time.
In their stage productions, Freaks und Fremde use puppetry as a means to address uncomfortable questions and problems which rarely have an easy answer or solution. They seek a lively societal discussion and are open to various forms of art and thought, also outside the protective walls of theatres and performance halls.

The Cie. Freaks und Fremde received the Art Prize of the City of Dresden 2015 for their work.