Andreas Pfaffenberger (A)

The Last Slapstick

Wednesday, June 9, 2021, 9.00 p.m.
16+ years
Duration: 60 minutes


Handtame clown for children, potty-trained fool, an ex-anarchist sedated with Gugelhupf ... Kasperl has had enough!

When he is ordered to a children’s birthday party, he finally revolts against his theatre director. He sees himself and his values of the “good old times” threatened, resigns as pedagogic puppet for children and finds himself another career path – with dangerous consequences. From vilifying dissenters to setting up re-education camps – Kasperl becomes a fascist dictator and declares all dissenters to be enemies of the people.

Actor, Director: Andreas Pfaffenberger
Puppet and scenery design: Michaela Bangemann, Andreas Pfaffenberger

About the group:

Andreas Pfaffenberger studied music in Salzburg and theatre studies in Vienna, where he also worked as a theatre maker and puppeteer. Eventually, he studied puppetry at the HfS Ernst Busch in Berlin and has been an indepented puppet theatre maker and director since then. In addition to various guest engagements ranging from musicals to children's plays, in his own productions he deals primarily with current political topics - the financial crisis, fugitives, child murder, or the strengthening of right-wing populism.