Figurentheater Margrit Gysin (CH)

The Wolf and the 7 Young Kids

Thursday, June 10, 2:30 p.m.

Ages 4+
Duration: 45 Minuten


The most famous game of hide-and-seek in the history of literature: Mother Goat has to leave her seven children at home and go to the flower field, but not without warning them about the Big Bad Wolf. Yet, the sneaky fellow disguises himself and can devour the young kids. All seven of them? No! Help is on its way.

Actress: Margrit Gysin
Director: Andrea Gronemeyer
Authors: Gebrüder Grimm, Margrit Gysin
Puppet and scenery design: Karl Friedrich Gross, Margrit Gysin
Music: Margrit Gysin
Copyright photos: Irene Beeli

About the group:

«Margrit Gysin is the grande dame of puppet theatre and is one of the field's pioneers. For almost five decades she has been working on her unique artistic cosmos. She tells existential stories about the wonders and wounds of life and conjures up the consolation of the world out of coat pockets and from between book covers. Even the smallest detail in her performances has a magical effect. She lets children enter this cosmos and makes it possible to rediscover amazement and wonder for those who thought it had long been forgotten.» Swiss Theatre Awards 2017