100 opic theater (CZ)


Thursday, June 10, 2021, 8.30 p.m.
6+ years
Duration: 35 minutes


Even wearing the Grim Reaper mask will not help you trick your fate. Blood is flowing, puppet heads keep rolling while Death is sitting at The King's Arms. Slapstick comedy full of slaps with more than just sticks.

Actors: Julie Goetzová, Roman Dzačár, Dominik Tesař
Director, Puppet and scenery design: Dominik Tesař
Authors: Dominik Tesař, Kateřina Tesařová
Music: Roman Dzačár

About the group:

100 opic cannot be found in any travel guides or mentions of traditional puppet theatre. Even the definition of an experimental concept or fusion theatre is not exact. We are trying to find a connection between a particular artwork form, dialogue with the audience, author texts and music, and our message. No matter whether we play for children or adults, street theatre, playful children plays, songs with a theatre band, political fiction or farce, we always aim to put in everything we love about theatre and the interpersonal and social importance it has for us.