Kaufmann & Co. (D)

Fellchen and Bommel –
When Strangers become Friends

Monday, June 7, 2021, 10:00 a.m.
Ages 4+
Duration: 45 minutes


Bommel is at home and he is fine. He has a plant, a bird, a job, and a toy. And suddenly, there comes Fellchen. He has lost his home and is looking for a new one. In Bommel’s country, he is a stranger. Instead of plant, he says ‘rawana’ and instead of bird, he says ‘kukuli’. Bommel has everything and Fellchen has nothing – almost nothing. At least, he has his stories. Stories, that he wants to tell. Since Fellchen is there, Bommel’s life is upside down.

Fellchen is confused by Bommel’s way of living. But one day, both of them realize how their lives have become richer because of the other. And so, they become friends and both find a new home in their friendship.

The entertaining play in fictional language with puppets and objects tells a story about home, otherness, loss, distrust, and friendship.

Actresses: Alexandra Kaufmann, Eva Kaufmann
Artistic cooperation: Alberto García Sánchez
Author: Alexandra Kaufmann, Eva Kaufmann
Puppet and scenery design: Kaufmann & Co.
Copyright photos: Lutz Anthes, Alberto García Sánchez

About the group:

Eva Kaufmann and Alexandra Kaufmann studied puppetry at the HfS ‘Ernst Busch’ in Berlin. Together with stage and lighting designer Werner Wallner, they form the group Kaufmann & Co. Their productions are represented at numerous festivals in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In their plays, Kaufmann & Co. combine acting, puppet theatre and object theatre, whereby poetry and comedy are equally important.