Bochdansky & Humer (A)

The Puss in Boots or a few tricks you just have to know!

Tuesday, June 8, 2021, 2.30 p.m.
Ages 5+
Duration: 50 minutes


Two breezy figures called "Tips" and "Tricks" pilgrimage through the country. They are itinerant preachers of a cunning lifestyle, so to speak. No one knows where and when they will appear. They are just - there. Their role model and consultant is the Puss in Boots.  He is always one step ahead, for he has learned very early how to save one's skin. Since someone has tried to make a pair of gloves out of him, he took matters into his own hands. Smart like a fox, he quickly achieves to bring his friend and companion, the miller's son, to the highest circles. Where's the honesty in that?

The fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm does not answer that question but we assume, the motto is: Being smart is good, but be honest to yourself and everybody else.

Actress, Actor: Ruth Humer, Christoph Bochdansky
Coaching: Manfredi Siragusa
Authors: Brothers Grimm
Puppet and scenery design: Christoph Bochdansky
Copyright Photos: Reinhard Winkler, Christoph Bochdansky

About the group:

theater mOment was founded by Ruth and Klaus Humer in Grieskirchen (Upper Austria) in November 2004. In their plays, they use a unique mix of clown acting, mime art, and different puppetry techniques. Participation in various national and international festivals.

Christoph Bochdansky
– the puppeteer, set designer, and director studied stage design at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. Afterward, he studied at the Figurentheater-Kolleg in Bochum, Germany. He worked together with various puppet theatre companies in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands.