BAVASTEL Puppentheater (A)

The Enchanted Princess

Dienstag, June 8, 2021, 2.30 p.m.
Ages 4+
Duration: 40 minutes


“If I can’t get Kasperl, I will get you!”, cries the evil witch and the princess is in grave danger. All of Kasperl’s warnings won’t help – the witch turns the princess into an ant. It’s hard to believe that this story has a happy ending!

Actresses, directors: Eva Bodingbauer, Brigitte Kocher
Puppet and scenery design: Alfred Stifter
Copyright photos: BAVASTEL Puppentheater

About the group:

BAVASTEL – that is Eva Bodingbauer and Brigitte Kocher – have been playing Kasperl theatre (e.g. the Austrian version of Punch and Judy theatre) for many years. Puppets with simple wooden heads, a clear, basic stage design, the sparing use of props, sounds as plot intesifiers, and their precise way of puppet playing make their performances so distinctive and unique. The stories are simple yet humorous – a fun play for children and their parents.