Festival opening with Michael Hatzius (D)

Die Echse

Sunday, May 9, 2021
For Adults
Duration: 90 minutes


Award-winning puppeteer Michael Hatzius brings his weird characters to the stage and presents the amusing side of animal testing.
Of course, the renowned lizard “Die Echse” is the star of the evening once again. This grumpy yet charming reptile has been walking the earth since the Big Bang, has divided the first cell single-handedly, and likes to talk about his experiences. But other creatures are also searching for the guiding light. Pigs, tics, chicks, and ... a camel?

On this evening full of surprises, Michael Hatzius presents various characters from his universe. The audience is part of this “echsperiment“ - after all, improvisation is Michael Hatzius' great passion, making every evening a unique experience.

Actor, Director, Author: Michael Hatzius
Copyright Photos: Christine Fiedler

About the group:

Michael Hatzius, born in 1982 in East Berlin, studied puppetry at the HfS Ernst Busch in Berlin. As a self-employed puppeteer, he stars in productions at various theatres, works on projects with different artists, and writes plays as a solo artist. Together with his puppets, he also takes part in television or ‘new media’ productions.
But what he likes most about working on-stage is the connection with the audience, the emergence of experiences from the energies of the moment, a freely associated narrative style, and improvisation with the audience. Autonomous, intense and uncompromising. This is how he has been conquering the world of comedy and cabaret for several years, especially with his character “Die Echse” ("The Lizard").