Theater Tröbinger & Ruth Humer (A)

Ages 14+
Duration: 60 minutes information

Chests full of money, a mistress in his arms, prestige and success - that's what counts. Simply fade out the problems of the world and the hardship of the people. What a wonderfully carefree life. It could go on like this forever.

But it doesn't. Because sooner or later, no matter how much money is in the bank account, death announces itself ... and what counts now?

The dying of the rich man as a hand puppet spectacle. The medieval mystery play with humour and depth, embedded in electric guitar sound. Puppets and actors wrestle with and against each other, sizes and powers shift, God sees everything and puppets die better.

Play: Ruth Humer, Gerti Tröbinger, Maximilian Tröbinger
Director: Annika Pilstl
Puppet- and stagedesign:  Gerti Tröbinger, Christoph Karl Ebner
Music: Wolfgang Weissengruber
Video: Vanessa Url

About the group:

Gerti Tröbinger has been working as a puppeteer, puppet maker and set designer for 21 years, Ruth Humer for 8 years. Both are active nationally and internationally and have a wide repertoire of plays for children and adults. Together with Maria Dürrhammer, the two puppeteers are responsible for the artistic and educational direction of the International Puppet Theatre Festival in Wels.

Maximilian Tröbinger completed his studies in puppetry at the HfS “Ernst Busch” in 2020 and is starting a career as a freelance puppeteer. He has worked for the Theater St.Gallen and the Burgtheater in Vienna.