War Maker

dafa puppet theatre (JOR / CZ)

For adults
Duration: 60 minutes information

Based on Palestinian artist Karim Shaheen’s true story, War Maker is a voyage into Karim’s dreams and delusions. With the mise-en-scene as a resonance chamber, the audience will start sharing right from the beginning the artist’s mindset. Having lived within an ongoing exile, Karim’s life is standing at the crossroads where the performance itself mirrors his broken war memories and the liminality of his existence.

Actors: Husam Abed, Matej Vejdelek
Director: Husam Abed
Dramaturgy: Marek Turosik
Puppet- and Stagedesign: Katarina Cakova (Katanari), Astrid Mendez
Choreography: Ryuji Yamaguchi
Art Director: Astrid Mendez
Designer: Katarina Cakova (Katanari) & Astrid Mendez
Music, Light- and Sounddesign, Camera: Matej Vejdelek
Video: Reka Deak and Dmitri Berzon

Supported by: AFAC (Arab Fund for Art and Culture / Beirut), Atelier Libusin, Capital City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, State Fund for Culture of the Czech Republic, City District of Prague 7 - Art District

About the group:

Dafa Puppet Theatre is a Czech-based multi-awarded theatre company co-founded by Husam Abed and Reka Deak. Dafa collaborates with multidisciplinary artists, produces performances, animation and puppet films. Dafa work was highlighted at international festivals. Dafa delivers workshops and residencies for children and adults. Dafa co-founded LIV'in festival in Prague and Ya Khayal Theatre Labs. for refugees and local youth in Amman.

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