Danish Pork

Søgaard/Barthel/Glöckler (D-DK-A)

Ages 18+
Duration: 90 minutes

Documentary puppet and object theatre.

In 1969 Denmark was the first country in the world to legalize porn in its visual form. Copenhagen became a test site for crossing barriers. Porn and pork would become the country’s two major export goods.

DANISH PORK looks for the similarities between these two industries regarding manufacturing, optimization and marketing – and tells the true story of a female stock farmer, who became an icon for the hardcore porn scene by openly showing her extraordinary love for animals.

A horse, a dog and two pigs tell the stock farmer’s story from her perspective, covering the events that eventually led to her premature death.

Co-production with Schaubude Berlin
Funded by the Senate Administration for Culture and Europe in Berlin

Actors: Tilla Kratochwil, Maximilian Tröbinger
Director: Nis Søgaard
Stage and costumes: Jana Barthel
Puppet design: Magdalena Roth
Video: Aaike Stuart
Lighting design: Werner Wallner
Dramaturgy: Tina Ebert
Assistant director: Christoph Scharf
Production: Miriam Glöckler
Copyright Photos: Gianmarco Bresadola

About the group:

Søgaard/Barthel/Glöckler primarily produce puppet theatre for adults. For each production, they compile a new team of artists. Their stage productions are coined by pictorial and atmospheric visualization. The sophisticated interplay between stage, narrative, acting, objects, and puppets make their theatre productions equally challenging and compelling. Animals have always had a leading role in their work – on a real as well as on an abstract level.