Ferdo the giant bird

Maribor Puppet Theatre (SLO)

Ages 3+
Duration: 40 minutes  information

The story is about Ferdo, a bird who is too big for the milieu in which he lives. But Ferdo does not notice that he differs from others. Moreover, he uses his differentness to help smaller than himself. He comes to the aid of chimney cleaners, assists in the construction of new buildings …

Ferdo, the Giant Bird is a story full of symbols and a story about hugeness and smallness, generosity and selfishness, and about the joy awakened by mutual help.

The performance Ferdo, the Giant Bird is based on a wordless picture book with the same title by Andreja Peklar. For the book, she received numerous Slovenian and international awards, and it was T selected for the IBBY Honour List. The author tells the story only through images, which allows young readers to read it in their own way. Within exceptional illustrations, without any written words, everyone can find their emphases and symbols.

Play: Vesna Vončina
Director: Katja Povše
Dramaturgy: Tanja Lužar
Author: Andreja Peklar
Puppetdesign: Darka Erdelji, Aleksander Andželović and Andreja Peklar
Stagedesign: Lucijan Jošt, Nina Šabeder, Branko Caserman
Music: Gregor Zemljič, Nina Šardi
Costumes: Andreja Peklar, Mojca Bernjak, Nina Šabeder
Light-Design: Miljenko Knezoci
Sound-Design: Jure Auguštiner

Über die Gruppe:

Maribor Puppet Theatre was founded in 1973. In the autumn of 2010, the Puppet Theatre Maribor moved into the newly renovated building of the Minorite monastery on Lent, which offered bigger rooms and state-of-the-art theatre equipment, allowing the theatre with its expanded artistic ensemble and top-notch professional team to reinvent itself and expand its programme with additional support from the Municipality of Maribor. One season brings six premieres, all linked up to form a conceptual unity. Age has been carefully factored in, as the plays do not address only children – the theatre's most numerous guests – but young people and adults as well. The repertoire constantly examines and explores the art of puppetry and fuses classical puppet technology with modern approaches.  Apart from regular productions, the theatre also offers a wide variety of additional art education activities and carries out innovative projects.