In case of emergency: Don’t break the window

Materialtheater Stuttgart (D)

For youth and adults
Duration: 60 minutes  information

Our Western lifestyle celebrates individualism: everybody stays alone in a world of their own. This is what our social distancing has looked like for a long time. We show a series of soli(e)tudes, collective mono-dramas of people who live in glass boxes and try to come together - with, for, despite and thanks to the bubbles they live in.

„Die Barrieren, die die Pandemie mit sich bringt, lassen sie mit melancholischem Witz inhaltlich wie ästhetisch fruchtbar werden.“ double 1/2021

Play: Sandra Hartmann, Sigrun Kilger, Annette Scheibler, Alberto García Sánchez
Director: Alberto García Sánchez
Authors: Ensemble
Stage- and Puppetdesign: Heinrich Hesse, Luigi Consalvo & Ensemble
Music: Daniel Kartmann
Technic: Luigi Consalvo

About the group:

A political approach to theatre, humour, irony, internationality and the desire to continuously confront new aesthetic challenges and artistic partners characterize Ensemble Materialtheater Stuttgart’s works. Their productions are rich in imagery and full of extraordinary realizations, amazing ideas and virtuoso acting. Ensemble Materialtheater stands for enigmatic, modern folk theatre and has won several awards for its work.