Step Right Up!
The Dog Flea Circus!

Cordula Nossek (D)

Ages 5+
Duration: 50 minutes  information

A small baroque circus show for the whole family!

The charming Dalmatian Rodriguez and his mistress Madame L'Amour have formed a group of dog flea artists that is unique in Europe and whose variety of acrobatic feats is hard to beat.

See for yourself!
High-wire acrobatics, carousel, pyramids, slingshot board, juggling and even a jump through the fire hoop are all part of this exquisite programme for young and old.

Play, director:  Cordula Nossek

About the group:

Cordula Nossek, born in Germany in 1966, studied at the HfS "Ernst Busch" Berlin. Since 1999 she lives and works in Austria. She has been performed at many international festivals in Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Israel, Italy, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Great Britain, Greece, Luxembourg, Belgium, Ukraine, Hungary, Tunisia, India, Iran, Ireland and Nigeria. Since 2011 she has been the artistic director of the "International Puppet Theatre Days Mistelbach" (AT). 2022 marks her 35th stage anniversary.