Lille Kartofler Figurentheater (D)

Magical Museum: „Over and done with“ ausverkauft

Tuesday, March 17, 2020 | 7:30 p.m.
14+ years
Duration: 90 minutes

A half funny, half gloomy reading of sad fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers. Darling of the audience Matthias Kuchta will take you away to his fairytale world in a very special atmosphere. Get to know the Stadtmuseum Wels from a completely new perspective. Take a seat between the cultural treasures of the city’s history, and immerse yourself in history and stories. (with a short break to refresh)

Actor: Matthias Kuchta
Authors: Grimm Brothers
Puppet and scenery design: Mechtild Nienaber, Matthias Kuchta
Copyright photos: Helmut Pogerth

About the group:

Lille Kartofler was founded by puppeteer Matthias Kuchta in Langenfeld, Germany. For 35 years he has been performing fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Andersen with his impressive, large puppets made of fabric. From Osaka, Vancouver, Boston, and Paris to Copenhagen, Dublin, and Rome – his plays are a crowd-puller. Lille Kartofler has also been a regular and welcome guest at the International Puppet Theatre Festival in Wels for many years.