Karin Schäfer (A)

Participatory Exhibition:

Workshop 10:00 a.m.
For school classes with students aged 8+
Duration: 90 minutes

WWe meet at the exhibition "SEAmaps" in the Medienkulturhaus. There are deck chairs, you hear the sound of the sea and you can look at wonderful, wonderful nautical charts and invent your own stories, because the true adventures, the possible and impossible stories emerge in your head - in the viewer.

Afterwards we will go to the studio and you will make your own mini Seamap with these stories you have just thought up, because your imagination is much wider and bigger than the sea. Of course you can take the map home with you.

Workshop schedule:

Friday, 13.3. at 10 a.m.
Tuesday, 17.3. at 10 a.m.
Wednesday, 18.3. at 10 a.m.

About the artist:

Karin SchäferThe Karin Schäfer Figurentheater is an independent theatre from Austria with performances in over 45 countries. Working with theatre, dance, puppets, masks, animated films, light and shadow, and projections Karin Schäfer creates her very special form of "visual theatre". She has received broad international recognition for her work and has won numerous prizes and awards. This regularly leads her and her team to guest performances and festivals around the globe.

In recent years Karin Schäfer has increasingly devoted herself to the visual arts: her SEAmaps are large-format collages around the theme of longing for the sea.