Thalias Kompagnons (D)

Kasper in a Hot Mess ausverkauft

Friday, March 13, 2020 | 7:30 p.m.
15+ years
Duration: 70 minutes

GRETEL: Hello Kasper. Do you want to smooch?
KASPER: Why would we?
GRETEL: Well, that’s what we always do.
KASPER: So? Has it done any good?

Kasper, who is overcome with the weariness of life by the accidental consumption of a hell potion, drives Seppel, Gretel and the grandmother into an identity crisis, which soon rids them of their old roles. In search of a replacement, Kasper finds himself in dubious company in the witch's forest and ends up in royal jail as a traitor. A pact with the devil seems like the last resort. But can the Kasperl theatre still be saved this way?

„Man muss im Leben wählen zwischen Langeweile und Leiden.“ Madame de Staël

Actor: Tristan Vogt
Director, Puppet and scenery design: Joachim Torbahn
Author: Marc Becker
Copyright photos: Jutta Missbach

About the group:

THALIAS KOMPAGNONS are at the borderline between acting, puppetry and music theatre with internationally acclaimed productions. With their enigmatic and cheeky operas and versions of classics (Wagner's Ring, Macbeth, The Magic Flute, etc.) they have conquered off-stages, festivals and national theatres alike. Invitations to the Vienna Festival and the Salzburg Festival.

Tristan Vogt studied German studies and sociology. Since 1990, he is mainly a puppeteer and writer for Thalias Kompagnos and has also created many award-winning guest productions. He is a guest lecturer for modern puppetry at the HfS Ernst Busch in Berlin.