Figurentheater Margrit Gysin (CH)

Mimi and the Doudou

Wednesday, 13 March 2019 | 3:30 PM
ages 4
Duration: 45 minutes

“Oh, goodness!”, the Doudou, Mimi’s small puppet got lost. Mimi cries and sobs. Doudou, where are you? Nobody can console the desperate Mimi. Here and there, Brumm the Bear helps searching everywhere. Only after a long time, Brumm has an idea. A real Brumm-idea! Mimi smiles. Is enchanted and a little happy. The play tells a story of trust, comfort, being alone, and finding one another anew.

Author: Gabrielle Vincent, Margrit Gysin
Director: Enrico Beeler
Actor/actress/puppetier: Margrit Gysin
Puppet and scenery design: Margrit Gysin, Irene Beeli
Music: Margrit Gysin

About the group:

Margrit Gysin is puppetry’s Grande Dame and pioneer in the field. She’s been working on her own and unique cosmos for nearly five decades, telling existential stories about the wonders and wounds of life. Even the smallest thing develops a great magical force in Margrit Gysin’s theatre work. She lets children enter her cosmos and rediscover the amazement many had already lost. Her work has been honoured by the Federal Office of Culture with the „Schweizer Theaterpreis“ („Swiss Theatre Price“).