Eva Sotriffer (I)


Sunday, 10 March 2019 | 11:00 AM
ages 3+
Duration: 35 minutes

The enjoyable act of hand-puppetry tells the story of many a complication without the use of any words. Those entanglements come up when a little cheeky goat only thinks of food, a love-stricken man only about the woman of his dreams, and the woman of his dreams only about the goat, and two thieves only about their next coup. Everybody is searching for their luck in their own way, but crosses paths with the others.

A musical piece for young and old, about love and live – of course with a happy ending!

Author: Eva Sotriffer
Actor/actress/puppetier: Eva Sotriffer
Puppet and scenery design: Eva Sotriffer
Music: Max Castlunger, Samir Amato
Final Director: Eva Kaufmann

About the group:

Eva Sotriffer, a South-Tyrolean artist, has studied philosophy and sewn costumes for theatre before she found puppetry as her creative outlet and started learning her handicraft from different masters in the field. Since 2010 she has been playing with her own – always self-made – puppets on various stages and places, near or far. Most of the time, her pieces are without spoken words, but never without music, which is usually composed by herself and played live.