Figurentheater Gerti Tröbinger und Maria Dürrhammer (A)

The summit meeting

Friday, 9 March 2019 | 10:30 AM
ages 5+
Duration: 45 minutes

It is about no less than a royal wedding, that is organised by two female specialists of a wedding agency. While preparing the festive table the find the time to tell the guest – the audience – the fantastic story of how this wedding has come to be. Because it all started with a senseless war. “The summit meeting” shows how stubbornness, greed, ignorance and selfishness can lead to war and catastrophe, and that salvation lies in peaceful cooperation.

A complicated, current topic, treated with humour and care for people of 5+ years of age.

Author: inspired by a story by Michael Ende
Director: Annette Scheibler
Actor/actress/puppetier: Gerti Tröbinger, Maria Dürrhammer
Puppet and scenery design: Gerti Tröbinger
Costumes: Agnes Dürrhammer

About the group:

Puppety Theatre Gerti Tröbinger (St. Georgen / Gusen, Upper Austria) and Maria Dürrhammer (Linz, Upper Austria) have studied kindergarten pedagogy in Linz together. Since 1994, they have played puppetry together. In the beginning they went through a 3-year long training for puppetry – also together. Besides working in the duet “Gerti Tröbinger and Maria Dürrhammer”, Dürrhammer also works as a fairytale-teller and Tröbinger also builds puppets and is a soloist in puppetry theatre.