Theater Maren Kaun (D)

The tale of the big, fat pancake

Saturday, 9 March 2019 | 3:30 PM
ages 3+
Duration: 40 minutes

Once upon a time there were three old ladies who liked eating pancakes. The first one added an egg, the second one some milk, and the third one added fat and flour. But just when the pancake started rising nicely, it turned around, jumped out of the pan and rolled away along the streets to see the world. And he wanted to decide for himself who would get the pleasure of eating him!

Author, Director: Ilsebyll Beutel Spöri
Actor/actress/puppetier: Maren Kaun
Puppet and scenery design: Kurt Spöri, Maren Kaun
Music: Büdi Siebert
Copyright photos: Christian Kleiner

About the group:

Maren Kaun studied in the puppetry department at the State University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart, and has been working as a freelance puppeteer since 2000, performing for children and adults alike within the German-speaking community as well as giving guest performances in Italy, France, Poland and Turkey. For her, puppetry means to immerse oneself in both performing and fine arts. Maren Kaun is a lecturer at the PH Heidelberg and gives puppetry theatre courses to children and adults.