Materialtheater Stuttgart (D)

Don Quijote – told by two non-contemporary ladies

Saturday, 9 March 2019 | 7:00 PM
for Adults
Duration: 110 minutes

Everything’s crying for departure, but the bum on this chair is as heavy as steel! The world is becoming unhinged, but can we take control over it? A fool who interferes, an idiot who thinks he can figure things out. A poetical and empathetic view on “Don Quixote”, full of subtle humour – a crazy and addictive world of theatre.

Author: Ensemble Materialtheater by Miguel de Cervantes
Director: Alberto García Sánchez
Actor/actress/puppetier: Sigrun Kilger, Annette Scheibler
Puppet and scenery design: Ute Kilger, Sigrun Kilger,
Annette Scheibler, Luigi Consalvo
Music: Andreas Großmann
Copyright photos: Heinrich Hesse

About the group:

The ensemble Materialtheater are Sigurn Kilger, Annette Scheibler, Alberto García Sánchez, Luigi Consalvo, and Daniel Kartmann. Their way of telling a story, the object- and material theatre combine elements of puppetry, acting and live music with modern popular theatre – award-winning ensemble!