makemake Produktionen (A)

The bear who wasn’t there

Monday, 11 March 2019 | 9:00 AM
ages 5+
Duration: 50 minutes

What was the bear before he was there? How do the woods sound when they grow? There he is, the bear, who hasn’t been before, and finds a piece of paper with “Are you me?” written on it. “Good question”, thinks the bear. Let’s find out! On the way, we meet a salamander who thrones upon a comfy cow, and the second to last show-off-penguin. When the bear meets the slow turtle-taxi he asks himself: “Where to? And how far is it to straight ahead?”

Two puppeteers and a musician take the audience along on a search for oneself. Based on the book “The bear who wasn’t there” by Oren Lavie, translated by Harry Rowohlt.

Author: Oren Lavie
Director: Ensemble
Actor/actress/puppetier: Manfred Engelmayr, Birgit Kellner, Christian Schlechter
Puppet and scenery design: Birgit Kellner, Christian Schlechter
Music: Manfred Engelmayr
Choreography: Martina Rösler
Copyright photos: Julia Haas
Assistance z/outside-eye: Daniela-Katrin Strobl
Tailoring: Brigitte Moscon
Production: Julia Haas
Coach: Simon Dietersdorfer
Performance rights: schäfersphilippen, Cologne

About the group:

Makemake Productions is an artists‘ collective with an emphasis on inter-disciplinary theatre for a young audience.