denk:spiel (A)


Monday, 11 March 2019 | 10:00 AM
ages 4+
Duration: 45 minutes

Josefine does what she likes. She is tall, strong, brave, and takes care of elephants. She always knows what her giants need and does what needs to be done. But one day, she falls in love with the sweet Emil and starts changing many a thing. Now, Josefine does what Emil likes. She becomes small, weak, scared and starts neglecting her elephants. „Help, I am shrinking!“, Josefine notices one day and soon she is barely seen anymore. What to do? Now, some good advice is needed.

A tender story about making yourself small that hasn’t got anything to do with centimetres.

Author: Silvia Baumann
Director: Annika Pilstl
Actor/actress/puppetier: Gerti Tröbinger, Ruth Humer
Puppet and scenery design: Gerti Tröbinger
Music: Wolfgang Weissengruber
Copyright photos: Reinhard Winkler
Lightdesign: Manfred Forster
Artwork: Selam Ebead

About the group:

DENK:SPIEL, a club for children’s and youth theatre located in Linz, made it its business to develop and produce critical children’s and youth theatre in its whole representational width. “Josefine” is their second production, and it was created in collaboration with the “Frauenbüro” in Linz. Both actresses are actively involved in the Upper Austrian puppetry scene, combining music, acting and puppetry. Denk:spiel tries to inspire young people to think and participate in discussion – because contemplating things and thinking can be enjoyable!