Kollektiv Traktori (A)

Cine Traktori is in Town!

Every day at least one hour before and / or between the evening performances, at the Minoritenplatz or the Schlachthof - be spontaneous and get in. First come, first served.

The tractor, an old 30 Steyr model built in 1965, takes the rolling cinema to unusual places and creates new worlds where there usually are not any. Cine Traktori not only offers pop-up cinema experiences, but creates an avant-garde lunapark of curiosities with kinetic sophistication. Cine Traktori is a travelling cinema, stage, activism and art hybrid. Our program consists of a collection of invited and specially for Cine Traktori produced art films, readings, concerts, and plays from different genres.

We are mobile, autonomous, and move from Linz to the surrounding regions. Come closer, ladies and gentlemen, get in and let yourself be enchanted.

About the group:

Since 2016, Christoph Karl Ebner, Alexander Maitz and Christine Pavlic tour together as Collective Traktori. Their unity is based upon their mutual love for kinetic art, amateurism, bicycles, diesel engines, and punk rock.