Snow White

Christoph Bochdansky, Ruth Humer (A)

Ages: 5+
Duration: 50 minutes  information

A classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, but now there's news about Snow White!

What few people know is that two wild animals helped Snow White when the huntsman left her alone in the forest.

These two contemporary witnesses, Charlotte the owl and Norbert the wild boar, give us a completely authentic and credible account of what really happened back then.

And of course no one who tells this story can avoid the mirror on the wall! Only because of him we know the directions to the dwarf house: „Behind the seven mountains". Which is where we will take you to cheat the vanity of the stepmother.

Snow White encourages us to be who we are – you don't have to be the most beautiful.

Play: Christoph Bochdansky, Ruth Humer
Rici Husky
Stage- and puppetdesign: Christoph Bochdansky

About the group:

theater mOment was founded by Ruth and Klaus Humer in 2004 in Grieskirchen (Upper Austria). Their plays are a mix of mime, clown theatre and various puppet techniques. Participation in many national and international festivals.

Christoph Bochdansky is an Austrian puppeteer and puppetmaker. After studying stage design at the Mozarteum Salzburg, he became a trained puppeteer at the Figurentheaterkolleg in Bochum, Germany.

In addition to solo works, he regularly collaborates with the puppet theatre Wilde&Vogel (Leipzig) as well as Klemens Lendl and David Müller who are better known as the duo "Die Strottern".

He performs at international festivals and works as director, set designer and puppet maker (e.g. Puppentheater der Stadt Halle, Theater Junge Generation Dresden, Oper Zürich, Bialistocki Teatr Lalek, Polen). Apart from his theatre work, he teaches at universities in Stuttgart, Berlin and Bratislava.