Woof – Who will save the world?

Materialtheater Stuttgart (D)

Ages 6+
Duration: 55 minutes  information

The world is quite alright when the sun is shining, and you sit on a park bench with a sausage in your pocket, the two renegades think to themselves.

But suddenly there's a little dog sitting there, and it won't go away. The dog needs something to eat. But the sausage is already too small for two. It's best to send him away and let him look for a home somewhere else. But what if the little dog gets lost, does not find anything to eat, and freezes to death? Okay, it won't be THAT bad. But what if it did?

And suddenly there's not just one dog, but a whole gang of dogs. What a mess! You can take care of one dog, but a pack? That’s a different story!

Play: Sigrun Kilger, Annette Scheibler, Daniel Kartmann
Director: Alexandra Kaufmann, Alberto García Sánchez
Author: Ensemble
Stage- and puppetdesign: Luigi consalvo, Ute Kilger
Music: Daniel Kartmann
Animation, Technic: Luigi Consalvo
Clowns-Coaching: Manon Dumenceaux

About the group:

"You can only tell stories about what you know". This thought runs like a thread through the productions of the Ensemble Materialtheater, which is characterized by a decidedly political approach. It takes its target audience, children, seriously and tries to convey pressing and difficult social issues to them in an age-appropriate, playful and imaginative way.“ (Mascha Erbelding,Theater der Zeit)