The Dark Trullala

Sarah Wissner (D)

Ages 14+
Duration: 50 minutes information

A Puppeteer’s Nightmare

For many generations, puppeteers have made Kasperl dance for us, let him live their thoughts and subject him to their control. But now things are changing. Kasperl and his entourage make themselves independent and try to deprive their player of power and pull her into their world, the world behind the Castelet.

The horror production "The Dark Trullala" reverses the traditional dynamics of Kasperl theatre, telling the story of a power struggle against a puppet that cannot die.

Play, Author, Stage- and puppetdesign: Sarah Wissner
Director: Lutz Großmann, Co-Regie: Jonas Arndt
Music: Sebastian Elsner

About the group:

As a puppeteer, actress, visual artist, director and coach, she is at home in the theatre of animated forms. A particular concern of hers is the combination of visual design and performing arts. Her works are characterized by a strong visual language, whimsical humour and a great love of experimentation. Her repertoire includes productions and performances for audiences of all ages. Especially in her work for young audiences, she sees herself as a "fantasy pusher" and amazes in the field of material theatre with everyday objects.