Sarah Wissner (D)

Ages 3+
Duration: 35 minutes information

There is a secret. A secret with four walls, a floor and a roof. The secret is made of cardboard, and you can open it at the top.

What? It’s just a box? No! It’s a whole world!

Puppeteer Sarah Wissner invites viewers of all ages to a performance with, about and from cardboard.

Play: Sarah Wissner
Director: Emilien Truche
Dramaturgy: Ines Müller-Braunschweig

About the group:

As a puppeteer, actress, visual artist, director and coach, she is at home in the theatre of animated forms. A particular concern of hers is the combination of visual design and performing arts. Her works are characterized by a strong visual language, whimsical humour and a great love of experimentation. Her repertoire includes productions and performances for audiences of all ages. Especially in her work for young audiences, she sees herself as a "fantasy pusher" and amazes in the field of material theatre with everyday objects.