Kasperl as babysitter or: All hell breaks loose in the royal castle

Bavastel Puppentheater (A)

Ages 4+ and adults
Duration: 45 minutes  information

The Queen is at a conference and the King is completely overwhelmed with government duties, baby care and worries about Lora, the parrot.

Of course, he calls Kasperl for help, who comes gladly, not knowing that the chief devil has commissioned two assistants to fetch the royal baby. 

Play, stage- and puppetdesign: Eva Bodingbauer, Brigitte Kocher
Regie: Eva Kaufmann, Berlin

About the group:

BAVASTEL – that is Eva Bodingbauer and Brigitte Kocher – have been playing Kasperl theatre (i.e. the Austrian version of Punch and Judy theatre) for many years. Puppets with simple wooden heads, a clear, basic stage design, the sparing use of props, sounds as plot intensifiers, and their precise way of puppet playing make their performances so distinctive and unique. The stories are simple yet humorous – a fun play for children and their parents.