Mr. Wolf and the 7 Kids

Pierre Schäfer (D)

Ab 5 Jahre
Dauer: 50 Minuten information

An old watchmaker tells the story of an old watch. Or better still, an old watch tells a story of an old watchmaker. Or even better, an old goat tells a story of an old watch of the old watchmaker. Or best of all, the story is told by little Hopf, the youngest Kid of the old goat.

You may not believe the story. But it is true, as true as in the end the wicked wolf is dead and all seven little goats dance.

If you don't believe it, you must let the story be told to you, and if you believe it, then even more so.

Play: Pierre Schäfer
Director: Daniel Wagner
Author: Brüder Grimm
Puppetdesign: Mechtild Nienaber
Ewald Otto

About the group:

Pierre Schäfer is a freelance puppeteer, director and author. He studied at the HfS "Ernst Busch" in Berlin and is co-founder of the "Theater Handgemenge". He has been freelancing since 1990.