Helga’s Journey to Riga

Lille Kartofler Figurentheater (D)

Ages 14+
Duration: 20 minutes  information

Helga Meyer is born in her family home at Hauptstraße 133 in Langenfeld on 9 August 1931. It is Sunday. You can hear the bells ringing from the nearby St. Josef church. Helga is a Sunday child, as they say.

We accompany Helga from her birthday in August 1931 to her disappearance in the winter of 1944/45 in the Stutthof concentration camp on the Baltic Sea. Documented facts are complemented by conjecture. Could it have happened that way?

Helga's life lasted thirteen years. Helga, a Langenfeld Anne Frank? No, just Helga Meyer.

The puppeteer Matthias Kuchta stumbled across the Stolperstein with Helga Meyer’s name on it in front of the Langenfeld town hall. He researched Helga's traces with the help of documents from the Langenfeld municipal archives. The result is a narrative journey, impressively reinforced by small figures made of wire and original newsprint from the years 1933-1938.

Play: Matthias Kuchta
Director: Katja Lillih Leinenweber
Stage- and puppetdesign: Matthias Kuchta

About the group:

Lille Kartofler was founded by puppeteer Matthias Kuchta in Langenfeld, Germany. For 35 years he has been performing fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Andersen with his impressive, large puppets made of fabric. From Osaka, Vancouver, Boston, and Paris to Copenhagen, Dublin, and Rome – his plays are a crowd-puller. Lille Kartofler has also been a regular and welcome guest at the International Puppet Theatre Festival in Wels for many years.