Heidi Nord

die exen (D)

Ages 6+
Duration: 50 minutes  information

A story of breaking down tents and pitching them, of leaving and coming home.

In Glimmerdal, Norway, there is only one child - Tonje. Old Gunnvald is her best friend. Ever since Tonje can remember, Gunnvald has been there. She loves him so much that her heart aches. When a strange woman suddenly appears on the farm, Tonje begins to uncover a big secret about Gunnvald: Heidi.

The players pitch their tent and improvise as they go camping - sleeping bags turn into mountains, a board becomes Gunnvald's yard and a few mugs help to set up the complicated family situation.

Play: Dorothee Carls, Annika Pilstl
Director: Friederike Krahl
Stage- and puppetdesign: Udo Schneeweiß
Music: Andres Böhmer

About the group:

“die exen” are a group of freelance puppeteers living scattered between Potsdam and Passau, where each of them also works as a soloist.

"Heidi Nord" is performed by Dorothee Carls and Annika Pilstl, graduates of the HfS Ernst Busch in Berlin. Each new production is a journey of exploration: Searching for surprising forms of play that make the genre so fascinating, probing the emotional depths of stories and characters, and balancing tragedy and comedy, as well as stage and audience.