Artus and the Ladies of the Round Table

Dorothee Carls and the "Weite Theater" (D)

Ages 12+
Duration: 100 minutes  information

Through the thicket of numerous legends, two women trace King Arthur and his vision of peaceful human coexistence. In the midst of chaos and dissolution, a round table and an invincible sword are supposed to help. Their adventure tells of knights and noblewomen, and their passions, schemes, and power struggles. 12 hand puppets battle through the evening. With performances from Wizard Merlin, a clown and the devil – although they are never there when you need them.

Play: Christine Müller, Dorothee Carls
Director: Pierre Schäfer
Author: Tankred Dorst
Stage- and puppetdesign: Christian Werdin, Katharina Schimme
Music: Giovanni Reber, Paul Kuchenbuch
Costumes: Anke Lenz

About the group:

“Das Weite Theater” has stood for professional puppetry and drama for almost 30 years and is an integral part of Berlin’s theatre landscape. Its spectrum is "WIDE" - at home in puppetry, it is always open and on the lookout for suitable and new means to tell a story. In doing so, it allows the genres of acting and puppetry as well as music to become equal actors and also takes unconventional artistic paths.

The production "King Arthur" is a co-production with the puppeteer Dorothee Carls, who gives guest performances throughout Germany and internationally with her independent theatre groups Theater Urknall (with Michael Hatzius) and die exen. With different material and in interaction with changing acting partners, she is always on the lookout for the narrative and expressive possibilities of her genre