Suzan Smadi & Inga Töpperwien (D)

Letters to Mr. Rabbit

Ages 4 to 9
Duration: 55 minutes

Every morning, when the sun is rising and the dew glistens on the lettuce heads, Mister Rabbit does his morning exercises. Then, he tends to the carrots, sees if they have grown overnight and waters them with his bright red watering can. The drops run down the carrot roots and into the ground where they trickle on - yes, wheron? On the sleeping Mr. Mole who wakes up and does not like it one bit? Exactly! What does a wet mole do if he is upset and cannot go back to sleep? Writing a letter of complaint? Exactly!

Actresses: Suzan Smadi, Inga Töpperwien
Director: Johanna Pätzold
Author: following Toon Tellegen
Puppet and scenery design: Inga Töpperwien
Production: HÖR- und SCHAUbühne und Figurentheater Töpperwien
Copyright photos: Suzan Smadi, Inga Töpperwien

About the group:

Since 1998, the HÖR- und SCHAUbühne entertains both adults and children with comedy shows and theatre plays in Germany and at international festivals, using a mix of puppet theatre, acting and narrative theatre. Witty, original and artistically challenging, the plays are coined by Suzan Smadis captivating authenticity. Her ability to create whole worlds with little means makes her plays oozing with vividness, inspiring audiences of all ages with imaginative, unique stories.

The Figurentheater Töpperwien was founded by Inga Töpperwien in 2007, after her studies of puppet theatre at the Bavarian Theatre Academy August Everding in Munich. She also holds a degree as puppet player from the State University of Music and the Performing Arts in Stuttgart. Situated between visual arts and performance arts, Figurentheater Töpperwien creates complex worlds with simple means. Existential topics are narrated in a poetic, touching and yet light and playful way.