GundBerg (A)

Peg Laundrykid

Ages 3 to 103
Duration: 35 minutes

A play with man and puppet, ironing board, laundry, and acoustic guitar. For people aged 3 to 103.

„Birgit Bügel is ironing. On her ironing board. She is ironing and ironing piles of laundry. Her iron goes on a journey, over laundry heaps and valleys, until suddenly someone is coming out of the laundry pile...“

‘A straightforward, delicate play about happy childlike playfulness... funny underpants with a life of their own and dancing laundry pegs’ Saarbrückner Zeitung 2010.

Actors: Natascha Gundacker, Joachim Berger
Director: Natascha Gundacker
Author, Puppet and scenery design: GundBerg
Music: Joachim Berger
Copyright photos: Joachim Berger

About the group:

GundBerg are not only the writers and directors of their plays, they also account for puppet building, visual arts, stage design, composition, photography, film, and dramaturgy. This holistic approach reveals their ‘idiosyncratic’ style and working methods. GundBerg are on the road since 2001, touring through Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, Turkey, and Canada.