Maribor Puppet Theatre (SLO)

The Wizard of Colours

Ages 3+
Duration: 35 minutes

The Wizard of Colours is a story about a grey city in which people like us live. They have pets, yards, flowers, just like us. And they also have a neighbour who is different from us all, because he is a wizard from head to toe!

One day in his cellar, the Wizard mixes a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, a little bit of nothing with a little bit of everything and ... creates the first colour. Blue colour. Just like the weather affects people, also colours affect people. But the Wizard did not know that, so he had to mix and mix colours for as long as the city became coloured as it should be. Colourful.

Actors: Uroš Kaurin, Marko Ujc
Director: Morana Dolenc
Author: Arnold Lobel
Visual Design: Marijana Jelić
Music: Boštjan Narat
Production: Maribor Puppet Theatre
Coproduction: LOFT Zagreb
Translator:  Zdravko Duša
Dramaturge:  Tanja Lužar
Speech advisor:  Metka Damjan
Lighting Design:  Urban Kolarič
Sound Design: Marko Jakopanec
Costume designer and manufacturer:  Mojca Bernjak
Set design:  Bruno Kontrec
Set production: Lucijan Jošt, Igor Vidovič
Puppet technologist: Primož Mihevc
Puppet and props production: Primož Mihevc, Mojca Bernjak, Marijana Jelić
Copyright photos: Boštjan Lah

About the group:

The Maribor Puppet Theatre was established on December 8, 1973. In autumn of 2010, it moved into the newly renovated building of the Minorite monastery on Lent. Each theatre season brings six premieres, together with the hits from previous seasons. Every year, the theatre organizes the Summer Puppet Pier, an international puppet festival, while every other year, in collaboration with the Puppetry Artists Institution, it organizes the Biennial of Puppetry Artists of Slovenia. The theatre collaborates with various institutions, independent organizations, and individuals. It constantly invests in education and the development of activities.