Fekete Seretlek & Studio DAMÚZA (CZ)

KAR ausverkauft english

Sunday, 11 March 2018 | 7:30 pm
16 +, adults
Duration: 50 minutes no break


The performance combines music, cabaret and object theatre (on motives of Anna Karenina) presenting original and playful musical compositions that derive mainly from Russian folk. Six expressive actors, six voices, accordion, trumpet, violin, cello, contrabass and an amplified table on which objects are animated to build rhythmical compositions all gently recreate fragments from the novel. A metamorphosis of music and theater, word and movement and the deconstruction of traditional theatrical form transforms a romantic tragedy about one individual into a grotesque charicature about all of us.

Authors: Matija Solce & Fekete Seretlek
Puppet and scenery design: Marianna Stránská
Actors: Matija Solce, Jiri Jelinek, Pavol Smolarik, Anna Bubnikova, Ivo Sedlacek, Jan Meduna
Music: Fekete Seretlek
Copyright photos: Vojtěch Brtnický

About the group:

The group Fekete Seretlek is reusing, changing and mixing motives from world music and making up its own original compositions. Six musicians-actors graduated from the Prague Theatre Academy (DAMU) are cooperating with production company Studio DAMUZA, which specializes in support DAMU students and graduates.