gerti‘We proudly present!’...

our festival programme 2020, lying here before you.

Due to the circumstances, this year’s programme is a very special one – because the city theatre is being renovated, our most important venue is closed. But we would not live up to our reputation if we did not manage to make a virtue out of necessity.

Hence, our slogan for this year’s festival is called ‘Going Out’.

We remember the roots of the European puppet theatre, where hundreds of years ago travelling folks went forth and brought joyful, spectacular, shocking, heartwarming, stirring, and reactionary stories to the stages made of shaky wooden planks, which meant the whole world to people in the pre-digital ages, and where the then main protagonists of the travelling people, Kasperl and Co., dealt with no less big topics on these small stages.
We are ‘going out’ and are looking for new theatre venues in the Stadtmuseum Wels, we put the moving stage ‘Cine Traktori’ in front of the Minoriten and are increasingly cooperating with our festival partners, the Medienkulturhaus and the Kinderkulturzentrum Kuddelmuddel in Linz.
In the Gallery of the Stadt Wels in the Medienkulturhaus, Austrian puppeteer Karin Schäfer presents her sea chart collages in an exhibition from 6th to 21st of March. The gallery will become the festival’s chill-out-zone, where you can relax on deck chairs while listening to the sounds of the sea.
EOne of the most beautiful plays I have seen during my festival travels in the past year will be staged at the Kinderkulturzentrum Kuddelmuddel in Linz. We invite you to take a trip to Linz on the 15th of March and watch ‘Somewhere else’, a touching play where you will experience topics like flight, war, and its absurdity through the eyes of a child.
Once again, we tried to erect a cultural ‘lighthouse’ for you, although the financial means are gradually shrinking each year – and I think we have succeeded, despite the city officials’ deviant perception.

The international puppet theatre festival in Wels is a confident festival with an international reputation, drawing thousands of people from Wels, Austria and abroad to our city’s cultural institutions every year.
These people are our audience! We work for you, ladies and gentlemen! For thousands of kindergarten and school children! When we feel the joy that we spread with the unique festival atmosphere, see laughing children, touch people and have exciting discussions, then we know that we have built a lighthouse in Wels that shines far beyond the city outskirts and is seen from all around the world.

Have fun discovering the new program!
We look forward to seeing you!

Gerti Tröbinger and the festival team