"Every ticket wins" -
the big theatre lottery.

30th festival anniversary!

Moderation: Mrs. Agathe Notnagl
Admission: 7:00 p.m.

Anniversary!!! We celebrate our 30th festival anniversary with a unique, unprecedented theatre event: "Every ticket wins" - the big theatre lottery.

Take a seat and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the festival with a fine glass of wine … or two. The evening will be hosted by the charming Mrs Agathe Notnagl and Herr Nachbar. Get to know the Wels City Museum in a whole new light and win unique delicacies from the world of puppet theatre.

The main prizes will be performed by:

  • Bavastel (A)
  • Christoph Bochdansky (A)
  • dafa puppet theatre (CZ/JOR)
  • Ensemble „Zauberflöte“-Tribüne St. Georgen an der Gusen (A)
  • Matthias Kuchta (D)
  • Maria Dürrhammer (A)
  • Theatre mOment, Ruth and Klaus Humer (A)

Frau Agathe & Herr Nachbar accompany you through this evening’s roulette, stay in the frame and also on the carpet, show ways out of the capitalypse and give advice to save the world.

Moderation: Natascha Gundacker and Joachim Berger
Music: Joachim Berger

About the group:

GundBerg has been touring throughout Europe, Turkey and Canada since 2001. Gundacker & Berger are the authors of their plays and are in charge of puppet making, visual design, stage design, composition of the musical pieces, photography, film, dramaturgy and directing. This holistic approach in all areas reveals an "idiosyncratic" style in their working methods. All their works reflect the vision of a more caring world, of a society that devotes more time and respect to its individuals. International awards.