The living
of a Jewish child in Wels

Berufsschule Wels 1

A project, based on „Helgas Journey to Riga“ by Matthias Kuchta, with students in the field of process technicians and metal construction technicians. The class of process engineers will go on a research trip and, based on documented facts about people of Jewish faith in Wels at the time of National Socialism, venture into the lives of children and young people behind them. Documented facts meet the students' reflections and ideas.

We construct a story according to the question:
"How might this child's life have been?"

Stories become visible, tangible and palpable - through a constructed approach, starting from the knowledge gathered by professional historians.

Hannah Eisner, Lisa Hierzer Bacher, Viktoria Schafler und die Schüler Stefan Kernstock,  Mathias Lorbeg, Lukas Martinek, Ronald Mühleder, Johannes Riedl, Rene Rinnerhofer, Jakob Sonntag, Marcus Stromberger und Julian Wudy

The new course of metal construction technicians will then continue to work on making these fates visible in a guided workshop at the beginning of February. There are no limitations for the joint creation. For the students, it is the examination of the human fates behind the facts and figures in the history books that counts.

Project management: Renate Johanna Scheinecker, BEd MA
Technical management: Dipl. Päd. Werner Schoberleitner
Artistic supervision: Reinhard Jordan, artist

Image sourceWikipedia entry about Elfriede Grünberg