gertihaseDear visitors,

Although you might expect the 30th annual Puppet Theatre Festival in 2021, we will present you our 29th festival [2.0] .

With this ‘2.0’ we want to signify that our 29th festival in 2020 came to an abrupt end after only two days due to the pandemic, but will rise from its ashes with an ‘update’ in 2021. All artist who could not perform in 2020 will be invited to let their puppets dance in 2021. Moreover, we will show new, exciting plays which I have watched (mostly online) during these past months.

We know that the festival in March 2021 will still be heavily influenced by the very special circumstances which have accompanied us in 2020. But we will gather all our strength in order to give you safe yet entertaining a live experience of art and culture. Although it surely will be hard in terms of logistics and organisation, we will accept this challenge. To take a stand for art and culture and its relevance to our lives.


Ultimately, the social evolution of the Homo sapiens is linked to art and culture. Finding a common rhythm, sitting around the campfire, has not only resulted in the emergance of music and dance, it has also helped us develop the capability for cooperating with each other. When the first human has painted on their cave walls, they used their imagination – picturing something invisible to the other is a human skill which makes ingeniosity possible in the first place. All these skills and abilites have made us humans what we are. Art is part of our DNA. Children can draw people and objects without any manual – merely using their imagination.

These skills relating to arts and culture have helped the human race to overcome all major crises. Theatres, cinemas, and concerts give us a sense of community, just like dancing around the bonfire did for our ancestors. A society without culture is inviable! This knowledge drives us in our quest to make this festival possible despite all challenges. Most likely, the atmosphere won’t be as cheerful as it normally would be. Our theatres and performance locations will not be as packed, and tickets are limited. But we as artists and performers long for playing in front of you, the audience, after months of performing for a camera. Finally, we will see, hear, and feel our audience, and will be able to give you a wonderful experience of community with our performances.


We are looking forward to seeing you at the festival!

Gerti Tröbinger and the whole festival team